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Introducing scientific work into school

“Introducing scientific work into school. An innovative pedagogical approach” is the name of an international cooperation project framed in the European Erasmus+ program, among  four secondary schools of four countries: Spain, Romania, Poland and Lithuania and Laboratory of  Seville Town Hall  (Spain).

The project explicitly contributes to favouring and promoting social inclusion by developing strategies that will foster the development of social, civic and intercultural competence, media literacy and critical thinking, as well as combating discrimination, segregation and racism.

It also supports schools that address early school leaving and disadvantaged situations leading to all students success in all its academic spectrum, including children from a migrant context, and  reinforcing collaboration between different actors in schools context, as well as with families and other external stakeholders; improving the transition between education stages, and promoting networks of schools that encourage teaching from collaborative and holistic approaches.

On this website we show the activities that we have designed to achieve our goals over the next two years and the results we obtain.


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