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Utena "Saule" Gymnasium  (original Utenos „Saulės“ gimnazija)

School – General education (secondary level) https://saule.utena.lm.lt/


Utena "Saule" Gymnasium  is a modern gymnasium, open to changes and innovation, developing awareness, culture and a sense of responsibility of every citizen. The focus is on belonging to a community with honourable history, the sense of education, rules and other requirements of universality, equity and  acceptability. Our mission is to create environment and conditions for high-quality, efficient and affordable education for all students so as to help develop each young person's values, communication skills and all social competencies.

We believe a school is a place to learn not just biology, physics or chemistry and grammar but also unity building and social interaction. Our school embraces an environment that encourages compassion, understanding and acceptance of differences.

There are 42 teachers and 11 non teaching staff. There are 270 pupils aged 15-18. Many of them are disadvantaged as they come from poor social and economic surroundings. They try to be active and some willingly get involved in various activities. They see taking part in projects as a new opportunity to develop their language skills, exchange their experiences as well as expand their horizons. Expressing yourself in a language other than the mother tongue is a path towards intercultural development. They believe English is a perfect means of telling the world about yourself and learning about others too.

Our school has worked on several projects like Erasmus+, Comenius, UNESCO, Socrates, Polish – Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund and others as both coordinators and partners. We believe skills and competences of both disadvantaged and more fortunate pupils can be developed during any project implementation.

The teachers of  both native and foreign languages try to do their best in motivating pupils to learn and get involved in a school life as motivation is a key factor in the success of pupils at all stages of their education. Proficiency, love to both pupils and work, positive relationships with co-workers and capacity for growth are some of the key characteristics of our teachers. To make our school life more interesting and valuable to every staff member and especially pupils, teachers both organize and take part in various activities like campaigns, contests, quizzes, festivals and most importantly local, national and international projects. They practice teamwork as it increases efficiency, the ability to focus different minds on the same problem, and mutual support.

The gymnasium is the oldest school in Utena. Our treasure lies in people and history. We are proud of our students famous in both Lithuania and all over the world! Do you know Jonas Valančiūnas? Toronto Raptors centre! He was our school student!

Utena is 95 km from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Utena region is a popular tourism destination in Lithuania. It is covered with forests and lakes. One of the biggest tourism attractions is Aukštaitija National Park. There are a number of unique places of interest that can be found only in Utena county. The following places of interest are really worth seeing: Horse Museum, Ethnocosmological Museum, Ancient Beekeeping Museum, narrow gauge railway, a burial mound exposition, an exhibition of stone dust pictures.


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...Utenos „Saulės“ progimnazija pradėjo savo veiklą dar vokiečių okupacijos metais. Nežinia, koks būtų jos likimas, jei 1918 m. vasario 16-ąją nebūtų paskelbta Lietuvos nepriklausomybė...

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