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Liceul Tehnologic “Sfantul Pantelimon” is a public secondary school in Bucharest, Romania. It is a non-profit organization with students between 11 and 18 years old. Now we have 530 students, which study in fields like technological (mechanical, electronics), theoretical (Sicual Sciences, Natural Sciences) and vocational-football. The school is in the outskirts of the city, in a relatively low economic level area. The school’s facilities were built in 1974 include 2 classrooms building, a gym hall and a small sports field.

A lot of our students come from the area near the city, from villages and small towns. More than 25% of the student’s families confront economic difficulties and for many of this families the financial effort of the attainment of the school by the children is especially important. A large number of our students shows many difficulties in attaining various evaluation exams and, after they graduate, they confront the risk of remaining out of a job for a long period. Only a few graduated students continue their studies at the university, each year. Here it is needed to mention, also, the high level of early school leaving which is the main reason of the decrease of the number of our students by 25% in the last 4 years. Instead of these situations, our school has a solid group of well-prepared teachers. Many of them are Methodists, members of various national committees for their subjects, authors of handbooks, auxiliaries or subjects for the final exams. Maybe, this is the reason of the progress which, actually the results of our students (even they are still insufficient in the case of many of them) register from the final exam after the 8th grade and the final exam after they graduate our school! Happily, our good experience in European projects show the direct positive impact of their implementation on the results of the students involved. This impact was above the specific subject of these projects. The projects created an environment where the students learnt in a non-formal environment, where they made a huge improve in their competencies in English and ITC, and also in social competencies. Their improvement in the confidence in themselves was visible and, I’m sure, this is one of the main reason of the rise in their scholar results, starting from the moment when they entered the project team. Of course, the special relationship with the teachers from the project teams, which stimulate them to do a good job as students, had also a huge contribution! Until now, the percent of success of our school’ graduated students (who were involved in our European projects) at the Baccalaureate is 100%!.



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